Limited Edition Watermelon Theory in stores November 25, 2016
Halloween Vanish and Proton Thrill in stores October 14, 2016
Proton Defy stock and Punk stamp in stores September 16, 2016
Proton Vanish in stores August 5, 2016
Neutron Thrill (plus Skulboy LE and 1616 SE) in stores July 1, 2016
Neutron Defy (and 1616 SE) in stores May 27, 2016
Plasma Insanity (and 1616 SE), Plasma Theory, and Neutron Vanish (and 1616 SE) in stores April 29, 2016
Plasma Crave in stores March 15, 2016
Plasma Proxy in stores NOW
Plasma Envy in stores NOW
21.5mm Distance Driver

20mm Distance Driver

17mm Fairway Driver

12mm Midrange Driver

10mm Putt & Approach
Axiom Discs was launched in January 2014 as the more aesthetically and conceptually colorful companion brand to MVP Disc Sports. Axiom is produced and distributed by MVP Disc Sports, with unique models based on MVP’s signature GYRO™ Overmold Technology.

Disc Golf models by Axiom Discs include the Envy and Proxy putt and approaches, Alias and Theory midranges, fairway drivers Clash, Crave, and Inspire, and distance drivers Fireball, Wrath, Insanity, and Virus. Two MVP Disc Sports plastics are shared by Axiom Discs, the vivid-colored translucent Proton, and opaque Neutron. Unlike MVP Disc Sports, the GYRO™ Overmolded Rim on Axiom Discs come in a variety of colors, creating a unique dual-color look.